The Values
of AW



ALICE WATIER was founded in 2016 for vivacious women everywhere
who share AW’s values and passion for brightly coloured leather goods.

Each piece is handmade from deadstock couture skins in Alice’s Parisian atelier, either in
very small production runs or as one-of-a-kind, depending on the quantity of leather


The philosophy behind AW? A positive attitude!

A signature? With passion!

The spirit of AW

A wild laugh
Circles and curves
Colour, above all else
A warm ray of sunshine
Champagne bubbles
A jump in the pool in the middle of Summer
White clouds in a blue sky
Relaxed, understated elegance
Striving for excellence in every detail
The special bond of a sister, a girlfriend
The freedom of movement that comes from carrying a small bag.

An AW bag to

Set ourselves apart and get noticed thanks to our choice of leather and colour


Transform into the woman we want to be by choosing a style that suits our personality and our mood of the day


Invest in a beautiful, high-quality piece that will last for years to come

The 10 promises of AW

One-of-a-kind pieces hand-made in Paris
Leather sourced from deadstock, luxury skins
A savoir-faire and technical knowledge of leather
Well-made bags with impeccable finishings
Quality prioritised over a logo
Fair, accessible prices for hand-made products
Small, limited-edition production runs
Timeless silhouettes with thoughtful details
A large range of bags to match every style
Customisable designs to suit your fancy